3 Quick and Easy Ways to Transport Firearms

There are many styles of bags to transport your firearms in when headed to the range. It’s nice to have a bag to hold firearms, ammunition, magazines, and other range essential gear in. Tennis discreet bags, tactical nylon bags, and your grandpa’s old gun case are all great means of transport. When choosing your transport bag find the application in the type of bag that you are considering.

Discreet bags have been the modern way of carrying a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) or a broken down rifle. This mode of travel is a great way to transport your firearms in a smaller bag and not having the bulk. This also makes for a discreet case for those who don’t want every person to know that he may or may not have an arsenal.  This could also be trouble in the result of not being able to carry all of your range items that you would need. All though having a tennis racket bag could be a lot affordable then buying actual gun bags.

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Tactical nylon bags, because the word tactical says it all. Amazing bags to carry all of your gear in, but letting everyone know that you have a firearm in your vehicle if you ever left it the bag in probably won’t go very well. The tactical bags became really popular when Seal Team 6 took out Bin Laden and everyone wanted to become an operator. Having molle webbing or PALS makes the bag a better modular transport bag.

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Hard cases for guns just as good as a tennis racket bag or the nylon case. They work just as well for protecting your firearms making sure they’re not getting beat up. A Jansport backpack is going to come in handy, because unless you plan on carrying a handful of rounds with you to the range then you’re going to need an extra transport bag. Hard cases can also come in handy when you need a solid shooting platform.

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Having any bag to transport your firearm from your house to the range is a good way of knowing that your firearm will be will protected from the elements, security, and safety. No matter what type of range bag you choose, it should be able to carry all of your range essentials. These three types of bags are just simple ideas that have been working for others.





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