“A Mother’s Love”

Our Founder and President, Miles Hall, shares a personal note about his mother and his wife in honor of Mothers Day. His wife, Jayne Hall, has not seen this note before today.

There is one foundation we all have in common, that is of our mothers.  In my case I was blessed with two magnificent women in my life, who have taught me about character and building a future that would make a difference in this world.  Nancy Hall was my Mom of childhood.  She was a stately angel full of grace and large tolerance for a child with challenges that she handled with the same grace.  I remember her in an idyllic vision but the reality was she was toiled and frazzled by my exuberance.  She loved me before I was born and carried me close to her heart until that day I came into this world.  She endured the pain only a mother can, but with a smile and determination to guide me through this life.  She cared for me during the helpless years of infancy into those less dependent years. She did those thoughtful, encouraging and healing things only a mother can. Sadly in those years I accepted the unconditional love from her as a matter of course and in my mind, without conscious gratitude and very little appreciation.  As I became more independent and I thought, in less need of that Motherly guide, is when I began to realize how much I appreciated her and looked forward to the interaction we had.  I learned that a Mothers Love is really never broken just refined as life’s journey goes on.  Jayne is my wife and honestly the best friend anyone could ever hope for.  To say she picked up where Mom left off is not fair, rather she added a new dimension.  I met Jayne on the only blind date I ever went on.  I am convinced that this was Gods way of telling me I was not on target with the ladies I dated before that miracle encounter.   Her love of life, her love of family and her love for me has no bounds and this time I’m not taking this love for granted.  She has kept me grounded, yet inspired, humbled, yet driven and most importantly has taught me to stay focused in my personal walk with God.  Jayne’s heart was so giving that when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer she went to her and opened our home for her to stay in for the remainder of her life.  My Mom lived as an inspiration to all of us right up to the end of this earthly life.  Today Jayne & I have three children with gifted spouses of their own and seven grandchildren.  This is Mother’s Day and I for one know that one day is not enough to celebrate the gift of Moms.  Every day I thank God for them and shall endeavor to be worthy of that “Mothers” Love.



WireShots Staff

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