Badger Ordnance Style Bolt Handle At A Hot Price

Factory bolt knobs are just to small, they make it uncomfortable to grip the bolt and cycle a round.Having a larger bolt knob not only looks good on the rifle and makes it more tactical, but makes the bolt easier to grab onto when you have gloves on. Larger bolt knobs are the second best added feature that you can add to a rifle next to a muzzle brake. When you add a bolt knob to your rifle it will make it seem as if you have a completely new rifle.


Now at H&H Shooting Sports in our Gunsmith Department are taking orders to install a badger ordnance style large bolt knob for the Remington 700. For only $115 the Gunsmith department will make a tactical bolt knob and install it on your bolt, installed the next day. The team in the Gunsmith department are excited about being able to produce great quality bolt knobs at a low-cost for next day use.


The bolt knob is made out of the standard 7075 T-6 aluminum. The knob is threaded, so that way it can be easily placed on the bolt itself. The knobs are coming in a blued finish and the aluminum bare finish. The length is measured at 1 3/4″ and 1″ in diameter at the bottom of the knob.



This bolt knob is the perfect added on accessory for your rifle. This is a great tactical advantage for only $115 next day guaranteed. Your Remington 700 will never have looked better. Come see our gunsmith department at H&H Shooting Sports to get what you deserve.

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