Extended Hunting Trip Packing 101


There are few things better than an extended hunting trip, whether heading out on your own or spending some time away with your friends or family. Getting out of the hustle and bustle of hectic city life, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature and the excitement involved in tracking and bagging your trophy are all great reasons to pack up and hit the woods. Just remember that extended hunting trips can take a toll on your equipment and accessories, so here’s a few things to remember when packing so that you don’t find yourself in a fix halfway through the trip.


Today everything is portable, so make sure you are covered. Even if you are set up at camp with a generator or additional power, make sure you have enough batteries to operate things like flashlights, headlamps or GPS devices.

Repair Kits

Be sure to include a variety of items, everything from a standard sewing kit to repair clothes to a gun repair kit, to a personal repair kit to fix and address any minor injuries that might occur as you are trekking through the wilderness.

Sun Glasses

Eye protection is crucial regardless of where you are hunting or what time of year it is. Winter snow can harm your eyes as easily as summer glare. Having a pair of sunglasses like the Oakley Flak Jacket are a good option for the outdoors. The Oakley frames are compatible with both polarized and non-polarized replacement lenses. Be sure to select lenses with 100 percent UV protection to keep your eyes protected and nano coating to repel dust.

Scent Prevention

Scent control is one of the biggest factors of successful hunting, and one of the things you can’t really control about yourself. Using items like Under Armour Scent Control can help, but having a stockpile of sprays like Nose Jammer can keep your scent concealed when you’re in the woods.


Make sure you have the right clothes for the right situation, and plenty of them. You can never go wrong with packing extras of items like socks, especially if you are going to be in damp or cold weather. Also, don’t necessarily trust the weather report. It never hurts to back an extra rain poncho or hat.


Staying hydrated can be key, especially when out hiking or tracking your prey all day. Having access to plenty of clean water will help to make sure you stay healthy throughout your extended trip. Make sure you bring enough for everyone, and just to be safe, pack along a water filtration system to ensure you have a safe water supply, even if you run out.


Take into account everyone who is going and where you will be going. If it’s just you, you know your limits and abilities, but if you are with a group they may not be as tough as you. If it’s cold, bring plenty of hand warmers. For warm weather, make sure to pack items like sunscreen and bug repellent.

Don’t be afraid to over pack with necessities. It’s always better to have too much than to find yourself in need.

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