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Below you will find a review of the “Betty” holster from Flashbang Holsters that was posted by ANDREW TUOHY . The whole Flashbang line, including the Betty is available at H&H Shooting Sports.


“Who is Betty, and why did I get suckered into clicking on this link?” you might be asking yourself right now.

“Betty” is, in fact, an inside-the-waistband holster – part of the Pinup Collection from Flashbang Holsters. They’re $49.95 and available for a wide variety of concealable firearms. I’ve been carrying pistols and revolvers in “Betty” holsters for almost two years now, and feel very confident in recommending them highly. Here’s why.

If I’m carrying a small gun, I don’t want a massive holster. The Betty is not a massive holster; in fact, it hardly extends past the dimensions of the firearm it carries. I’d be willing to put up with a massive holster if it stayed in place better due to its size, but some of the biggest IWB holsters I’ve used actually moved around the most. The Betty, once I tighten down its single adjustment screw, stays where I put it, and at the same angle.

The basic design is a “clamshell” of kydex with a single steel spring clip attached with a hex-head or phillips-head machine screw. It’s not height-adjustable, but the Betties I have place the forward edge of the grip right above or along my pants, which is just perfect for me.

Long ago, Lisa Looper, who runs Flashbang Holsters along with her husband, told me that the Betty could be used without a belt. I thought to myself, “Okay, woman. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This is where I make a kitchen joke, right? You need a good belt for carry.”

As it turns out, she was correct. If your pants fit properly, and that’s a big if, you can use the Betty holster without a belt. The pants press the sides of the clamshell together, providing a surprising amount of retention. The clip stays, uh, clipped to your pants. When drawing, you pull on the grip and nothing else – don’t press the holster to your body with your other hand – and the pistol, only the pistol, will come out of the holster, which remains attached to your pants.

I’ve used it as both an appendix and a strong side holster without a belt, and when wearing properly fitting pants (that is, snug but not tight), I haven’t had any problems with either retention or drawing. However, I just feel better when carrying with a belt.

Most of the time, I wear a belt. The Betty works great with a belt, too. The spring clip is designed to fit 1 1/2″ or smaller belts, and pretty much everything I said about wearing it without a belt applies here too. I normally use it as an appendix holster, but it also works great as a strong side IWB for my small revolvers.

I don’t find appendix carry of either holster (revolver or pistol) to be uncomfortable – as comfortable as outside the waistband carry no, but it doesn’t really bother me. I have even slept with this holster attached in the appendix position when traveling. I sleep face down, and don’t have any problems falling asleep or find myself waking up because there is a gun trying to burrow its way into my small intestine.

Okay, I don’t mean that you could clip this holster to a Speedo, but the spring clip doesn’t know if it’s attached to pants or not. You can use it inside a cowboy boot (I’ve done that once, it worked) or maybe inside your purse (I normally don’t carry one of those) or even to a part of your car’s interior. Same rules apply – just pull the pistol straight out of the holster. If you squeeze the holster, it’ll actually make it harder for you to draw the firearm.

Let’s face it. If this holster had been called “Bravo” instead of “Betty,” and a male gun model had been paid to endorse it, this holster would be the darling of – er, the best piece of kit for – every tacti-dude in the gun world. While I certainly have my share of tactical and tactically-named products, I do get a small kick out of saying that my holster is called a Betty…if you couldn’t tell from the title of this article.

If I have any complaints about the Betty, it’s that there seem to be minor production variations which affect appearance but not quality or functionality. As you can see in the photos, there seems to have been more pressure applied to my KelTec P3AT holster than to my LCR holster (actually a J Frame holster, I use the same holster for both revolvers) during the manufacturing process. There are also differences in the location of the hole in the spring clip through which the screw attaches it to the holster, and one holster has a hex screw while the other has a phillips.

Overall, though, these are minor complaints, and I have had no functional problems over the years of use I have with these holsters. I like them a lot, and will continue to use them on a frequent basis.

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