Guns 101 with Shelley Rae


Gun gal Shelley Rae, Editor of Western Shooting Journal, talks about the Four Rules of gun safety and the basic gun handling skills you need before heading to the gun shop in the first installment of her new series “Guns 101.”

Guns 101 is a series of firearms-related information videos for those who are brand new to firearms and who are interested in pursuing them as a hobby, or who just want to know more.

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  • September 4, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    We'd all like to do it sometimes. "Shoot Your Computer" The new webseries.

    Dear Shelley,
    I invite you to enjoy my new comedy webseries on the frustrations of computers, so vital to our lives, yet often so infuriating. The series, “Shoot Your Computer” can be seen at Having worked as a freelance IT professional in New York City since 1994, it has been my experience that many of the most perplexing computer problems result from design flaws, “known issues” or new “smart” features which, while touted as improvements, are more likely motivated by a “planned obsolescence” sales strategy, and do more harm than good. Each webisode will be based on an actual problem and a real story. And it intended to tease New Yorkers senseless, rabid fear of guns.
    This first webisode was inspired by a Toshiba laptop I personally owned, one of a range of Toshiba models with an inexcusable overheating problem. The show runs just under 10 minutes.
    I am a graduate of the Yale School of Drama so, while exploring the annoyances we all share with these technologies, the series is, if I may say, warm, funny, full of good music, and ultimately uplifting with professional production values.
    I hope you like it and share it with your readers.
    Kevin Meredith


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