H&H Shooting Sports Hosts P-20 Group 3


The third group of Performance Oriented Dealers held their inaugural peer-review meeting with Miles Hall at Oklahoma City’s H&H Shooting Sports. The three firearm dealer P-20 groups consist of retailers from around the country representing more than $300 million in gross sales. In each P-20 group, these performance-oriented dealers share financial data, report buying trends, network and highlight business strategies to increase profits. Popular in other industries, such as the auto industry, these P-20 peer groups are the first of their kind in the shooting industry.

“The P-20 Groups feature dealers that are all in the same boat and are all trying to achieve the same thing: making a profit and growing the sport. It’s a credible peer group. The more you know, the more you can develop a better store – it’s something that drives these performance groups,” Hall said.

Because members in each P-20 Group are not in close geographical proximity to one another – an important stipulation in joining a group – they are not competing for the same guests and can encourage honest growth. Financial information stays within the group, and each member signs a confidentiality agreement prior to joining.


Elected as Chairman of Group 3 was Richard (Dick) Abramson of Centennial Gun Club in Colorado and Vice Chair was Tricia Sisson with The Range at Lake Norman in NC, and The Range at Ballantyne in SC.

H & H Shooting Sports is located at I-40 & Meridian and can be reached at www.HHShootingSports.com or (405) 947-3888


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