Hornady Pays Out $61,000 of Employee Bonuses in $2 Bills


I like Hornady ammo, especially their rifle rounds and defensive shotgun rounds. They make pretty solid factory loads at a decent price. Now I have another reason to like the company.

According to local news reports, the company handed out $61,000 of employee bonuses in the form of $2 bills. The bills are often used by supporters of the Second Amendment.

In this case, the bills are used to show local business owners and members of the community how much of an economic impact the Grand Island, Nebraska ammo plant has on the local community.

According to Omaha.com,

“We gave out $48,000 worth of $2 bills and asked our employees to spend that money in town, and if people look at you funny, tell them where you work, and we think that they will notice,” Hornady said. “This year it is going to be $61,000 worth of $2 bills.”

Hornady said the pay envelope with the $2 bills is just part of their bonus pay.

“They also receive a nice check and a deposit into their 401(k)s,” he said. “But we ask them with the $2 bills to go spend it around town and make sure people know that we as a family, meaning the whole employer/employee base, support Grand Island and we spend money here.”

He said the bonuses amount to about 40 percent of the employees’ regular pay.

Hopefully the Hornady employees don’t end up like 57-year-old Mike Bolesta of Baltimore who was detained for several hours after trying to pay a bill at Best Buy using $2 bills. Clerks and police didn’t believe they were real until the Secret Service confirmed their legitimacy.

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