iPhone 6 Product Development Using .50 Cal

How does the iPhone 6 stand up against a .50 caliber? Not very well..

The rigors of appliance and electronics testing are great, but sometimes we like to have a little gun… I mean fun. Bring in the .50 cal and let’s blow stuff up!

RatedRR enjoys putting his Browning to the test, this time against the new iPhone 6 Plus. Let’s see how it went:

The Browning BMG is a short, single shot bolt action rifle. It has reinvented long range sport shooting due to its precision. The cold hammer forged fluted barrel, which provides excellent accuracy, is effective at a range of up to approximately one mile.

Despite all the new Apple product has to offer, very little can stand up to a Browning .50 and survive, but perhaps this is the defining test to find out if Apple is, in fact, better than Android.

WireShots Staff

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