Matrix Rifle Kits with 30 Round PMAG now at H&H

New product announcement: Matrix Rifle Kits now available at H&H Shooting Sports.



These MDI custom finish Magpul Carbine accessory kits are made in the US, and contain MOE Carbine HG, Pistol Grip, Vertical Grip, Trigger Gard, MOE Butt Stock, and one 30 Round PMAG. These dipped accessorie kits include everything needed to customize your rifle. Retail price $269.98



Tired of Flat Dark Earth and O.D. Green? Basic Black too plain, Foliage Green not different enough? H&H Shooting Sports will now be offering Magpul MOE furniture for AR-15s in all the latest patterns and colors. We have teamed up with our suppliers, Matrix Diversified Industries, and TWN Water Transfer Printing to create hyrdo-dipped furniture sets with matching forends, foregrips, magazines, pistol grips, and stocks. Some of the patterns are quite functional, like the new A-TACS pattern, and should be a hit with the tactical crowd. Others are just for fun, to stand out from the crowd, like the carbon fiber pattern or the “Muddy Girl” hot pink and black camo. Of course there’s a green zombie pattern, “Reaper Z”, and even Kryptec’s “Typhon”, a black-on-grey dragon scale pattern most notable for being featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II video game.

The "Typhon" Pattern.

The “Typhon” Pattern.

Water transfer printing has gone from being a novelty to being a staple of advanced firearm customization. With the announcement of this product line, the technology goes one step closer to becoming absolutely mainstream. Soon any AR owner will be able to enjoy a level of firearm customization that was once very rare and expensive simply by swapping out their factory furniture with one of these matched sets.

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