Power Up With Crimson Trace

When gun owners shop for a laser sighting system for their personal protection carry gun or home defense long gun, one pressing question often needs an answer before the cash register rings. That question is: What about batteries?

All Crimson Trace products-more than 160 models of laser sights and tactical lights are available-are shipped with batteries. This saves the customer from having to search for batteries or determine the type of battery required for activation of the laser sight or bright LED light.

Better news is that many Crimson Trace products are covered under the company’s “free batteries for life” program. Buyers can call the customer care center to register their product. This unique program allows one set of batteries per calendar year. Customers can register online at www.crimsontrace.com or by calling the customer service center at 800-442-2406.

“Customers are often amazed at the ease and delivery time for receiving their free replacement batteries,” states Kevin Lahart, Crimson Trace Customer Service Supervisor. “Our unique fulfillment process allows our customer service agents to mail batteries the same day they are requested. In a matter of days, not weeks, the customer will receive their free replacement batteries. This program is yet another example of our commitment to the customer.”

Crimson Trace products are generally powered by one, two or four batteries and this varies by product design. Nearly all Crimson Trace products are covered by a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. See the company website for additional details.

To help consumers better understand the advantages of having a firearm equipped with a laser sighting system, Crimson Trace continues to offer a free copy of “The Laser’s Edge” DVD. To help educate about laser sighting systems, these DVDs can be found on the counter top of gun shops from coast to coast. The information on this DVD is delivered in an easy-to-understand manner by some of the nation’s top competitive shooters.

Crimson Trace also has a new promotional campaign that encourages everyone to ask themselves, “have you done everything in your power to defend yourself and what’s yours?” The rallying words are: “In Condition Crimson™, We Stand.” For more details, visit www.conditioncrimson.com or call 800-442-2406. All Crimson Trace products are proudly Made in the USA.


WireShots Staff

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