Survive the Zombie Apocalypse With ZDAY Survival Simulator App


The App Store is currently full to the rafters with zombie games, from the light-hearted Plants vs. Zombies to the gruesome Zombie Highway. A certain type of zombie app not currently provided, however, is one to train you to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Until now, that is!

Developer Mongadillo Studios recently released ZDay Survival Simulator HD ($1.99) for the iPad. According to the App Store description, the title “is a 21st century text-based simulator that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations.”

Designed by DC Comics artist Matt Haley, ZDay is an “intelligent” adventure game. The action starts off in a crowded suburb where a zombie infestation has broken out. It then poses the question: “What would YOU do?”

Much like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of old, you are presented with scenario after scenario and asked to make a decision on which action you will take. Will your choice lead to survival or death at the hands of the zombies? The game engine continuously keeps track of your survival probability, based on the choices you make.

While the game is an iPad only title, there is also a standard editionavailable for the iPhone. The HD version has been specifically enhanced to take full advantage of the new iPad.

ZDay Survival Simulator HD is a fantastic and fun idea. With randomized scenario layouts, the replay factor is high. What are you waiting for? Grab this game and get training.

And if your smartphone app isn’t enough you could always grab one of these.

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