This just in… combining water and balloons creates an NFA item.  I heard a guy got busted last week for constructive intent just by having his kid’s birthday party balloons near the tap in the kitchen.  The ATF doesn’t play… except when they do, then they play hard.

That balloon on a stick assassination device is genius…. I love this guy.


I’m actually the most interested in seeing how it effects POI (point of impact), which he doesn’t show at all.  I’m sure it messes everything up, but I’d like to see the results regardless.  I imagine hollow points wouldn’t be ideal either because they would expand as they travelled through the water.


Testing how much a water balloon will muffle the sound of a gun shot. I couldn’t really tell if it was doing much because I kept my ear plugs in for the whole video, but I was amazed at the difference when I watched the video. This was a goofy video, but I have been wanting to do it ever since I made my “Glock Shooting Point Blank” video and noticed how much one of the shots was muffled when I pressed the gun against a water jug.



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