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Educating yourself vs just ‘knowing the basics’

One may wonder what else it is they can learn about guns. Don’t be dismayed… You can learn quite a bit. Ever heard someone ask another, ‘do you speak Spanish?’ or ‘do you do photography?’ and they respond with ‘eh, I know the basics.’ Because if we’re not careful that can be how we talk about our weapons. Anyone who carries shouldn’t be content with ‘knowing the basics’; like anything else, they should desire to learn more. Which is why extra firearm classes and certifications are perfect for anyone with a gun. So here we’ll review how educating yourself unlocks indispensable tools we need in shooting like, correctly using and selecting equipment, discovering the benefits of reloading and more.


Skill development

Enrolling yourself in enhanced classes will be the start to perfecting your accuracy and distance. The Gun Range at H&H Shooting Sports is a place that offers this for people in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Thanks to H&H’s professional trainers gun owners are able to build upon their knowledge, then once the course is completed, they’ll receive certifications that approve the gun owners’ new level of expertise (in this case skill) has been met. Not many go beyond and dedicate time in developing skills, which is why having these skills set you apart. Self-teaching is great but at times can be limited. Think about it like this, if you had the chance to learn Jedi from Yoda, would you pass the opportunity.


Transition Training
Growing in your skill development may also mean that you’re ready to try a new bigger and better gun. Doing so calls for adaptation. For instance, let’s say you’re upgrading. You’ve decided to trade in your revolver for an AR Rifle. Since they’re both so different in size, weight and recoil, you might find yourself wanting to learn how to properly handle this new firearm. Firearm training courses extend help as far as this. H&H specifically trains Oklahoma City gun carriers on the fundamentals and safety of AR Rifles, shotguns and defensive handguns for those who are transitioning to other firearms. Though transitioning can be complicated it can be made simpler if you decide to invest in getting the aid you need.


Holster & Equipment Safety
At a low-cost H&H offers a Holster and Equipment Safety class that expands on how to safely reach your firearm in the setting of vast scenarios. Demonstrations are presented and are vital for gun holders to learn because the issues of buying cheap holsters or wrongly using equipment happens way too often. In this case, cheap holsters just won’t cut it because for every firearm is a uniquely designed holster.


The learning doesn’t stop there. Self-defense is probably the most important of them all. It’s one thing to have a gun, but if all you know is the basics, who’s to say that alone will save you and your family one day? Classes like these (self-defense) reduce common mistakes and ensures security for the home and everyday citizens. H&H’s Self Defense Act Safety course encourages seasoned gun enthusiasts to participate in engaging classes that will promote furthering their gun education and polishing their skills.


Reloading Ammo
To another degree, investing in firearm classes to obtain specific certifications broadens your awareness of all the ins and outs of guns. It’s similar to accessing cheat codes for modern warfare. Basically, by putting yourself around professionals, you’re then able to be taught valuable methods which give you an advantage. In this case taking a reloading class will give you a jump start in learning quality perks such as:

  • Control over quality of ammunition
    ● Saving your money
    ● Helping you shoot better
    ● A new and brilliant form of recycling
    ● Stretches the quantity of ammunition
    ● Is a way to customize recoil loads

Thinking about educating yourself on the cool tricks of reloading? Once you join H&H’s class you will be able to purchase supply that goes hand in hand with your choice in firearms.

All of these points bring us to this question: In what other ways can I educate myself? Being comfortable with simply knowing how to handle a gun might not take you further than the next guy. It’s key to be one step ahead of your opponent if ever need be. On a side note, your knowledge is your real weapon. Investing in your firearm knowledge will ensure growth.

To begin taking the next step, get involved with your local gun range today by clicking HERE! We guarantee you won’t regret the time you spend working towards your goals, especially once you see the rewarding product. H&H Shooting Sports takes pride in the skilled instructors they have and are eager to have you be a part of our family.


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